Quick Facts:

Nordic Pole WALKING

- Pole Walking helps reduce impact on lower joints of the legs and spine

- Decreases the weight traveling through your feet and ankles

- Incorporates a whole body workout

- Increases overall metabolism 

- Builds strength and stability

Dr. Stilwell and his father, Dr. Greg Stilwell, DPM, have worked to modify the techniques used in Nordic Pole Walking to help alleviate everyday foot and ankle conditions, while maintaining an effective exercise program.  A great addition to your lower back pain exercises, or in conjunction with your advanced pain management protocol.

Dr. Stilwell will often teach patients the correct use of Nordic trekking poles, as well as a variety of assisted stretching techniques and exercises.

He even teaches private classes!  Schedule a class today!

Dr. Stilwell and his brother summit Angel's Landing with their poles

- Zion National Park, UT -